Creating a new Club

This is an FAQ most often because Race Officers are wanting to use Buoy Zone at a club which hasn't been set up yet. This following covers the quick process for setting up a new club as an existing user. 

In most cases clubs will be created and added to Buoy Zone during the registration process of any new user. 

Option 1: Create a new club during registration 

Have one of the team from the new club who has not yet registered for Buoy Zone go through the registration process. This will take them through the steps to either select from an existing club or create a new one.

Option 2: Change your Profile Club (See the video)

This option will see you change your Profile Club to the new club you’re looking to add. Through this process you’ll add the new club, but don't worry you can change back to your profile club once your done.

Map view icon button description

What are the buttons on the map

The map buttons include collapsed menu options within. The icons from the top are: 

My support boats can’t see my course? 

How can I change my Profile club / the club I’m registered to? 

Your Profile Club has the following funcionts:

To change your Profile club:

See 'Creating a new club' as well - this shows the process of changing and creating a new club as an existing user

How can I assign someone as a club administrator? 

By default the first person to register a new club on Buoy Zone becomes an Admin.  The Club Admin is able to appoint as many others as they like. 

On the home / main screen, click the 3 dots (top right corner) and select "Club details." If this is not visible then you are not a Club admin and will need to ask other club members or contact support. As a Club Admin you will see everyone who’s registered to the club on Buoy Zone and be able to assign further members as Admins by clicking the 3 dots by their name and selecting “make admin.”

What can I do as a club administrator? 

Club administrators are able to:

Can I share my course with other race officers?

No, courses are unique to a race officer. You can reuse your own courses, the club view shows the most recently updated courses at the top of the list, so updating an old course will bump it to the top of the club list. 

See Club Course Templates if you want to create a course for other Race Officers to use.

How do I delete my account?

You can manually delete all the courses you've created from the "My Courses" page.   This will permanently delete all the data associated to these courses.

If you want to completely remove your account, this can be requested via the "Profile" screen.