My support boats can’t see my course?

  1. As a race officer, make sure you have shared your course by clicking “Share” on the map view. This is the screen after you’ve set all your course settings.

  2. You’ll also need to make sure your course’s Host Club is the same as the club that your support boats are registered to. If it’s not the same they won't be able to see it! If they’re not seeing your course, the easiest thing to do is create a new course with the correct Host Country and Club selected - the default will always be the club which you are registered to under “My Profile.”

How can I change the club I’m registered to?

The club you’re registered to enables you to create and view your courses as well as those that are being used by other Buoy Zone members of the club.

To change your club, go to the home / main screen, click the 3 dots (top right corner) and select “My Profile.” There you can view and change your registered club.

How can I assign someone as a club administrator?

By default the first person to register in a new club on Buoy Zone becomes an Admin. You can have multiple Admins within a club so there’s never an issue with anyone being unavailable.

On the home / main screen, click the 3 dots (top right corner) and select My Club. Here you’ll see everyone who’s registered to the club on Buoy Zone. As a club Admin you can assign further members as Admins by clicking the 3 dots by their name and selecting “make admin.”

What can I do as a club administrator?

Club administrators can change club details. In the future there will be more roles a club administrator can do.

Can I share my course with other race officers?

No, courses are unique to a race officer. You can reuse your own courses, the club view shows the most recently updated courses at the top of the list, so updating an old course will bump it to the top of the club list.