June 2024 Release details

Release 365 (2.8.4)

Release 361 (2.8.4)


Course areas


Club Feature Areas - (Polygons & Circles)

This feature adds the ability to add shaded ‘areas’ in the form of a Circle or Polygon to the Buoy Zone map for all Buoy Zone users to see. This allow clubs with an active Club Subscription to further enhance the map with further details such as 'course area' circles, or channels, reef areas, wharfs etc with polygons. Find this under the Club Features area. 

X1 Course length Calculation

No more need to  manually calculate the course size based on the percentage of your main course size. With this update you are able to see the X1 course size within Advanced Course Settings. As you add a percentage the calculated course size is displayed in your default Long distance unit. Note - The X1 is always calculated based on the main course size and can be either larger (Greater than 100%) or smaller (Less than 100%).