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Club Course Templates

21 June, 22 (v 2.6.0 - 258)

Buoy Zone makes it even easier to improve the experience for sailors and race officers by making it possible for clubs to save the course formats and locations they like to use through the Club Templates feature. This feature is currently available for a limited time to all, but will be limited to all clubs who have a Buoy Zone Club Subscription.

Using the Club Template feature:

Creating new template:

To create Club Templates follow these simple steps

  1. From the landing screen select “Manage a Course”

  2. Either select an existing course or create a new one. Remember, make sure your course, whether existing or new, is associated with the host club you intend to create the template for.

  3. Set your course settings as you would like to see them saved as a Template. Tip:

if you would like your Template course to be saved in a specific location rather than the dynamically updated GPS location of the RO then change the “start boat location” setting to “Manual course Location.” If you’re reusing an existing course the coordinates will be where you last set the course. If you have created a new course the coordinates will default to your current location, but you can change them.

  1. Select the Advanced Courses settings and scroll to the bottom, check the “Set as a club template” field

  2. Enter a name for the new Template - this is how the template will be displayed

  3. Tap “Set Course” to save and view the template

Using a Club Template:

The Club Templates are available to all Race Officers who select a host club which has saved template(s). Remember when you select from a template course you receive a copy of that template course which you can adjust and edit to make your own, with no worry that you will change the saved “Club Template”.

  1. From the landing screen select “Manage a Course”

  2. From the next screen select the + button (Bottom right) to create a new course

  3. Choose the Host Country and Club you are creating a course for

  4. Select a template course from the “Club course template” drop down

  5. The “Course settings” screen allows you to fully adjust the course settings, the template settings are pre-loaded including the course location if the “Start boat location” has been set to “Manual course location”. Tap “Set Course” to view the course