Buoy Zone

race courses made easy.

Buoy Zone makes it easy to lay a perfect course in a few minutes! Wind shift? Inexperienced support boat? We've got you covered.

Our mobile app helps clubs run thousands of races every season.

Meet Buoy Zone

The app designed to simplifying race course management for Race Officers and Support Boats.

Getting the right course planned and then communicating it out to your support boats has always been harder, and taken longer than it should have. Buoy Zone is the tool you have always wanted but never knew existed, up till now.

Plan a 100% accurate Olympic courses and once you're ready share with the support boats instantly via the Buoy Zone app to go an lay.


For many of you we know that you're volunteering your time when you're out in the support boats. Our goal is to make the job of laying a course as easy as driving to a marked spot on the map. No more guessing at distances or angles over the radio. Drop the mark knowing it's right.